ON-DEMAND Webinar powered by ConsenSys, Infosys & Polygon

2022 Enterprise Blockchain Guide

Mainnet, L2s, and beyond

On-Demand Webinar

This year has shown us that scalability and Layer 2 solutions are at the core of the Enterprise Ethereum and DeFi journey. We want to end 2021  with an insightful session that focuses on the main learnings and challenges to onboard more and more companies on mainnet. 

ConsenSys, alongside Polygon and Infosys will bring together experts to discuss the lessons learned in 2021 and the solid role of Layer 2 solutions will continue to provide. 

Check this recorded webinar to get the best market intel and prepare to kickstart your 2022 plan. 


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Bharat Gupta

Senior Principal, Infosys

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder & COO, Polygon

Manish Tomer

Head of Partnerships, ConsenSys

Clemens Wan

Solution Architect, ConsenSys


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