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Crypto investments from leading organizations accelerated significantly last year. The largest transactions driving 60% of total traffic in DeFi were valued at over $10 million. We saw more traditional hedge funds and larger, regulated companies enter the market once they were able to access the required DeFi infrastructure. 


Watch this webinar to learn about 3 powerful tools —institutional-grade infrastructure, a powerful investor dashboard, and leading custodian technology— that can help your organization succeed in the DeFi and Web3 space. Get in-depth insight from the experts from MetaMask Institutional, Hex Trust, and Chainalysis on how to make the DeFi investment process safer, faster, and more efficient.


Key learnings:

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Johann Bornman

Product Lead, MetaMask Institutional

Alessio Quaglini

CEO, Hex Trust

Ulisse DellÓrto

Managing Director, APJ, Chainalysis

Panit Wechasil

CTO, Token X


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