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CBDC & Stablecoins

What CBDC and Stablecoins Mean for the Future of Money

On-Demand Webinar



Why CBDC Matters


Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has emerged as one of the most compelling blockchain use cases for the banking industry. According to the Bank of International Settlements, over 70% of central banks are actively exploring digital currency, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many believe the shift toward digital payments for central banks is increasingly imminent as a solution to improve financial access, and as cash use declines and new forms of privately issued money becomes more used in payments.


In this webinar with industry experts, you’ll learn the fundamentals of CBDC and the potential benefits, risks and challenges for both central banks and global economic infrastructure.


Specifically, we’ll explore: 

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John Whelan

Managing Director, Digital Investment Banking, Banco Santander

Juan Antonio Ketterer

Chief, Connectivity Markets and Finance, Inter-American Development Bank

Francisco Rivadeneyra

Director, CBDC & FinTech Policy, Bank of Canada

John Velissarios

Managing Director, Global Blockchain Technology Lead, Accenture

Monica Singer

South Africa Solutions Lead, Consensys

Arif Ismail

Head of Fintech, South African Reserve Bank

Ken Timsit

Managing Director, Enterprise Solutions, ConsenSys France

Matthieu Saint Olive

Strategic Sales, CBDC Lead Expert, ConsenSys


About ConsenSys


ConsenSys is a global formation of developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, security experts, lawyers, educators, creatives, and more who are working together to lay the foundations for a decentralized future. We are dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more open, inclusive, and secure Internet of value, what many are calling Web 3.0. The first phases of the Web allowed users to digitize information and interact online. Web 3.0 is now enabling everyone from local communities to global enterprises to transact with efficiency, transparency, and most importantly, trust.


Since forming in 2014, we have built blockchain developer tools that have been adopted across the Ethereum ecosystem. We have incubated and accelerated Ethereum startups that are launching products across industries, from law to journalism to real estate. And we have deployed real-world Enterprise Ethereum solutions that are helping corporations, governments, and NGOs secure their IT infrastructure, optimize workflows, and unlock new blockchain-based business models. ConsenSys AG is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in over 11 countries around the world.


ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain technology company.


About Concordia

Concordia is a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to facilitating cross-sector collaboration for social impact. As equal parts convener, idea incubator, and partnership broker, Concordia aims to create a global community where challenges are solved collaboratively and inclusively. The 10th Concordia Annual Summit is taking place digitally the week of September 21, 2020 and will welcome a powerful roster of cross-sector leaders—including politicians, global C-suite and nonprofit executives, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and thought leaders—to spark dialogue, inspire change, and transform conversation into action. Learn more at www.concordia.net.