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Path to Adoption: Ethereum for Enterprises in 2020

Why leading corporations, governments, NGOs, and startups are embracing the Ethereum blockchain for their enterprise solutions.

On-Demand Webinar

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Ethereum has come a long way since its inception in 2014, and the last few years have witnessed a fast-growing trend of enterprise adoption. In this webinar, we will look back at key enterprise blockchain developments in 2019 and showcase flagship projects across the globe that are using Ethereum to streamline financial markets, manage supply chains, and create new business models. We’ll also share why we believe 2020 will be a pivotal year for Enterprise Ethereum.

Enterprise Ethereum refers to private, consortium, and hybrid implementations of the Ethereum codebase for business applications. Ethereum blockchain technology allows organizations to build, test, and deploy decentralized applications that run exactly as programmed with no downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.


The proven benefits of Enterprise Ethereum:

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Monica Singer

South Africa Lead for Consensys

Pei Chen

Director of Strategy and Business Development at ConsenSys

Build networks you can trust. Build on Enterprise Ethereum.


ConsenSys is a global formation of developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, security experts, lawyers, educators, creatives, and more who are working together to lay the foundations for a decentralized future. We are dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more open, inclusive, and secure Internet of value, what many are calling Web 3.0. The first phases of the Web allowed users to digitize information and interact online. Web 3.0 is now enabling everyone from local communities to global enterprises to transact with efficiency, transparency, and most importantly, trust.


Since forming in 2014, we have built blockchain developer tools that have been adopted across the Ethereum ecosystem. We have incubated and accelerated Ethereum startups that are launching products across industries, from law to journalism to real estate. And we have deployed real-world Enterprise Ethereum solutions that are helping corporations, governments, and NGOs secure their IT infrastructure, optimize workflows, and unlock new blockchain-based business models. ConsenSys AG is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in over 11 countries around the world.


ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain technology company.