Getting Started with Ethereum

A walk-through and conversation of how you can start building on Ethereum utilizing resources from ConsenSys

Let's get started building on Ethereum

Are you a developer interested in blockchain or Ethereum, but do not know where you can get started? The ConsenSys Developer Relations team wants to provide a walk-through of how you can start writing code to build personal projects, and answer any of your burning questions. In this session you will learn:

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Nick Nelson

Nick is a Senior Multimedia Designer with ConsenSys and ConsenSys Developer Relations, as well as a computer scientist. He created Blockchain Essentials: An Introduction to Blockchain.

Robbie Kruszynski

Robbie is a Community Builder with ConsenSys Developer Relations and leads the ConsenSys BUIDL Network. He is a developer and designer, and is passionate about DeFi and coffee.