Insight Report

The Impact of the Merge on Institutions

A review of where we are in Ethereum's protocol development and how the Merge to Proof of Stake impacts institutions.

September 2022

Ethereum is a technology platform that is being built for the long term. It is the foundation on which the future of the internet (Web3), and the future of finance (DeFi) is being built. 

Over the last two years, the network saw skyrocketing figures for adoption and utilization—strong signals for network maturity. Today, more than half of the entire DeFi ecosystem exists on Ethereum. In September 2022, the Ethereum blockchain underwent the first major upgrade on its roadmap: The Merge.

The Merge reshapes the world’s largest programmable blockchain by switching from the energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, with no downtime to the Ethereum network and no impact to or action required from users or developers. 

On September 5th, MetaMask Institutional and the ConsenSys Cryptoeconomic Research team launched an insight report examining the Impact of the Merge on Institutions. On September 12th, the authors discussed the report on a webinar.

The report walks through the following subjects:

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Ajay Mittal

Senior DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Charles Shen

Senior DeFi and DAO Token Engineer

Clemens Wan

Senior Technical Architect

David Shuttleworth

DeFi Protocol Economist

Ivan Bakrac

Senior DeFi Market Strategist

James Chung

Senior DeFi Market Strategist, ConsenSys

Nicole Adarme

Head of Institutional Marketing, ConsenSys

Simran Jagdev

Content Marketing Manager, ConsenSys

Yanlin Fu

Product Marketing Manager


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