Introduction to DeFi

An introduction to Decentralized Finance by Corbin Page, Head of Product at ConsenSys Codefi

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Today, there is over $43 billion locked in DeFi protocols. Millions of people across the globe are using the Ethereum blockchain to build and participate in a new economic system that is powered by code and setting new standards for financial access, opportunity, and trust. 

However, there are millions more people only hearing about decentralized finance for the first time. Series of events such as the WallStreetBets x GameStop x Robinhood ordeal, are forcing more and more of us to consider alternatives to traditional financial systems—but it can be difficult to figure out where and how to get started.

And now here you are.

Welcome to your ‘Introduction to DeFi’ webinar invitation.

Join Corbin Page, Head of Product at ConsenSys Codefi, as he walks through an introduction to Decentralized Finance. This webinar will cover the following topics:

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Corbin Page

Head of Product at ConsenSys Codefi

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ConsenSys Codefi is the blockchain application suite powering next-generation commerce and finance. Our vision is to lead the convergence of existing and decentralized financial technologies to create more accessible and equitable financial services for everyone, everywhere. 

We work with financial institutions, global enterprises, and Ethereum projects to digitize assets and financial instruments, launch decentralized networks, optimize business processes, and deploy production-ready blockchain solutions.