ON-DEMAND Webinar for Developers

Running Hyperledger Besu Nodes on Mainnet

with Bonsai Storage & MetaMask

On-Demand Webinar

Ethereum is a decentralized ecosystem for trustless, value exchange between participants. It’s network is made up of nodes that work together to execute transactions. These are run by traditional miners and users (you)! 

Hyperledger Besu is an Ethereum “execution client” that is compatible with the public Etheruem Mainnet, testnets, and even private networks (as a part of ConsenSys Quorum). Our Besu quickstart makes it easy to stand-up and test a private network on your own hardware, but we would like to go a step further to discuss the set-up for Besu in connecting to public networks.

In this session, we talked through the steps, showed live (and simulated) environments, and discussed caveats, pitfalls, tips, tricks, and more. To follow along, you can install Besu through the Quickstart here

Watch the recording to learn more about blockchain protocol engineers building Hyperledger Besu and much more in the Ethereum ecosystem. There is no better way to get started as a dapp developer, home-grown Ethereum staker, or just to learn the tech. 

This webinar covers:

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Gary Schulte

Senior Blockchain Protocol Engineer, ConsenSys

Matt Nelson

Strategy & Ops, ConsenSys Protocol Engineering

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