New Frontiers in Institutional DeFi

Accessing and Bridging Digital Assets Across EVM Chains

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In January 2022, MetaMask Institutional (MMI) restructured its custodial account architecture, freeing accounts from being locked to a specific EVM network. This brought three important benefits to the crypto funds, trading desks, market makers, and other organizations working with MMI:

1. It became easier for custody partners to roll out access to more EVM chains
2. Upon custodian roll out of more EVM chain support, users automatically gain access to accounts on these chains
3. Users can now bridge assets across EVM chains

What does this mean? Upon custodian roll out of EVM chain support, funds working with MMI will be able to execute trades across Ethereum based sidechains and L2s, unlocking new frontiers for institutional DeFi investments.

Capitalizing on these developments, MMI custody partner, Qredo, has begun to offer access and the bridging of assets across all EVM chains—a first for any custodial wallet on the market! 

Nodes from Ethereum infrastructure provider, Infura, allow Qredo to sign and broadcast custom RPC URLs specified by the user across multiple EVM chains, enabling users to freely bridge assets across these chains. Together, MMI, Infura, and Qredo provide multichain access for organizations.

Qredo is also building an insurance policy thus far unmatched within the institutional DeFi ecosystem.

Be among the first to cross the frontier. Watch this webinar recording to learn about the following:

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Johann Bornman

Product Lead of Metamask Institutional

Josh Goodbody

COO at Qredo

Michael Wuehler

Co-Founder and Head of Business Operations at Infura


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