On the Verge of the Merge

Help test Ethereum clients Besu and Teku on the Kintsugi test network in preparation for the Merge

On-Demand Webinar

Ethereum is on the verge of its largest upgrade since the network was started in 2015! Proof-of-Stake, a mechanism for the decentralized Ethereum network to reach consensus, is going to replace Proof-of-Work “mining” that is not sustainable. Proof-of-stake uses economics to secure the network, and democratizes access for individuals and groups to participate in consensus (all while earning network rewards).

This change brings with it some architectural shifts for Ethereum node-runners. Two pieces of client software will need to run on a node: An execution client and a consensus client. ConsenSys developed both Hyperledger Besu and Teku, which serve as execution and consensus clients respectively. 

These clients have participated in the Merge test exercises to ensure compatibility, performance, and interoperability. The teams are working to incorporate feedback on user experience and simplicity and need your help. Our goal is to ensure all clients work together properly (and encourage the usage of new clients) to maximize network client diversity.

This webinar walks through how to set up validation architecture and participation in the Kintsugi test network! This network is a long-lived Merge testnet that will help the Ethereum ecosystem iron out the last bumps in the road to a sustainable, secure, and scalable Ethereum mainnet.


Through this webinar, you will understand the following:

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Gary Schulte

Blockchain Protocol Engineer, Besu

Adrian Sutton

Blockchain Protocol Engineer, Teku

Matt Nelson

Strategy & Operations, ConsenSys Protocol Engineering

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